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This is something that most Americans have been expecting for the past year, and given recent press reports it was clear that the end was imminent. And so it was.

I think it safe to say that most Americans had strong opinions of Ted Kennedy - both positive and negative. There wasn't much middle ground. However it is a testament to the man that despite his liberal views, he counted many of the most conservative members of the Senate as his personal friends. When Richard Nixon died, Bill Clinton delivered a very eloquent eulogy, in which he called for an end to judging Nixon on anything but his entire life and career. I think the same should be said of Ted Kennedy.

The image of the Kennedy family as American royalty can mostly be attributed to the musical Camelot coming out during JFK's term in office, it's music being popular with both JFK and Jackie, and then ultimately when Jackie compared her murdered husband's time as President to that of Camelot and the media and mourning public embraced it and the family. Here is one of many internet versions of the story.

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