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I have to agree with what all that was said above. They (RCCL) have to comply with the laws and they are protecting all of us. I do feel very bad for you and would like to hear the rest of your story also. We are going on RCCL in July and here is what just happen to my sister last month. She went to apply for her passport, the post office would not accept her birth certificate because it did not have the raised seal/stamped. She had to go to the town and get a new one ($20.00) with the seal. On top of that all four in the family pictures taken for the passports were also denied. So they had to retake...and when my sister went back to remail her passport with the corrected birth certificate, she had to yet take a third picture because they felt it would not pass. They are cracking down and I think it is a good thing. Before you cruise/travel you really have to check an re-check all the important information needed. We all have our fingers crossed that all passports come back A-OK!!
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