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My first cruise was on Princess cruise line and my favorite. The Caribbean Princess was awesome and I just loved the movies under the stars! The food and service was awesome.

Originally posted by kathycruiser:
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Penny 3333:

I read your last reply. It looks like you have cruised on all of the major cruiselines. So, which cruiseline was your favorite?
That would be quite a feat to try and accomplish. There are 19 major cruise lines that belong to Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). Those are the ones you hear the most about CCL, HAL, RCI, etc. But there are numerous European cruise lines, Niche market cruise lines like Cruise West, Expidition ships, and many river boat cruise lines and more.

I have been on 19 and booked on my 20th in Feb.08.
I would love to hear about your adventure on the Adventure. Any review coming up or did I miss it somewhere?
Have sailed CCL, Majesty, HAL, RCI, PCL, Premier's The Big Red Boat, NCL.
Holland is definitely my favorite of the ones I have experienced. But, have never done the luxury lines.
Hope to some day, in the Med.

My previous cruises are as follows:
03.12.2005 Princess-Caribbean Eastern Caribbean;
04.08.2006 HAL-ms Veendam Western Caribbean;
12.24.2006 HAL-ms Westerdam Western Caribbean;
08.11.2007 HAL-ms Oosterdam Alaska & Canada;
11.22.2007 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
12.30.2007 CCL-ms Victory Western Caribbean;
05.03.2008 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
11.21.2008 CCL-ms Splendor Eastern Caribbean;
03.04.2009 MSC-Lirica Southern Caribbean