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Originally posted by parrothead:
I have looked on and checked out the beaches and they all look nice from the pics. so out of Chankanaab Park, San Francisco, Paradise, and Mr. Sanchos which would you choose? I'm looking for snorkeling, music, GREAT DRINKS, Just FUN,FUN,FUN!! Please help! thank you...Oh are blue jeans permitted in the dinning room? (except formal night)
Ok, here are your options.
Chanhanaab Park - entrance fee $16 per person
(but they do some very good work there)
Everything I have heard (I have not been there) about their food and drink is good. I am not sure if CP offers the rental extras like jet skis, banana boats and parasailing. Definately the best choice for snorkeling.

Paradise Beach - no entrance fee. Lounge chairs, tables and shade are "free" (sorta...because they expect you to eat/drink at least $10 per person) They offer free Internet for checking those messages. There is also an optional wristband for $9 if you want to use their non=motorized toys. They also offer all kinds of things for rent like jet skis, banana boat, parasailing etc. Great food and drink. The cleaniest restrooms and changing rooms I have seen. I have been there 3 times in the last 6 months. Snorkeling comes as part of that $9 wristband option. You just put a deposit down for the equipment and get that back when you return it. But snorkeling off the beach anywhere on the West side is not going to be as good as going off one of the reefs you get to by boat.

San Francisco Beach is right next to Paradise Beach. They charge $8 for a lounge chair. They have ok food and drink. We have only been there once.

Mr. Sanchos has free lounge chairs, tables and shade and also asks that you eat/drink there.
We used to go there all the time before Paradise Beach opened up. Good food and drink.
Their beach is a little more narrow since Wilma but still there. They have a small pool.

All the above listed resorts will be a $12 -15 taxi ride (for up to 4 people) one way.

Have a great cruise!!!