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Originally posted by Berick1234:
How big is TOO big???
Trouble with docking stations I would think and more tendering....but...I will book on them:-)
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There are ships plying the seven seas that are as large, or larger. Most of the additional tonnage is caused by the ships wider berth, not by added length. Docks sizes aren't the problem, it's the limited size of the islands and the increase numbers of passengers aboard these huge ships causing over crowding near the piers.

Norwegian Spirit
Passengers 1966
Length 880 feet
Beam 106 feet
Tonnage 76,800

Norwegian Gem
Passengers 2384
Length 965 feet
Beam 106 feet
Tonnage 93,000
Addign 80 feet to the length of the ship only increased the passenger capacity by 400.

F3 class
Passengers 4,200
Length 1066 feet (325 m)
Beam 131 feet (40 m)
Tonnage 150,000
Increasing the length another 100 feet, and adding 25 feet to the beam, nearly doubles the passenger capacity.