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I think you will like your cabin and location. We were in B206 this last April and loved it. It is quiet and convenient: 2 decks up to the Horizon Court and pools; 4 down to the Promenade Deck. Mini-suites are very popular, especially on Panama Canal cruises so it really isn't strange that they were all booked. We had to book a year-and-a-half ahead to get the one we wanted. Unless you are very near the top of the waitlist for a mini, I doubt you will get one.

Some cruise lines do not sell liquor for consumption in the cabins; fortunately Princess is not one of them. The Cruise Answer Book is correct.

I've never bought one of the packages; but I must say, I don't see $420.00 of value in the Deluxe Anniversary package. But somebody else might.

I have never been on a ship during the Holidays so I can't speak from experience; but I've talked to many who have and they say it is fabulous; I have no specifics. Although all the ships fly the Princess flag, each has its own personality and way of doing things. Some things are common to all ships, but many are not. The shore-based offices would probably not have the exact details for each ship.

Sabatini's is a wonderful dining experience. We were not as enthused about The Bayou Cafe. The Chef's table is not yet available on Island Princess. I don't think that would be a good choice for New Years Eve anyway.

They will announce when and where the tender tickets will be available. They are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. To be the first one off, be in line early.