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Hi need to verify if anyone else had had this happen. This is my 6th Carnival cruise (just booked it on Sept 4)and paid it in full since the cruise is in Oct. Everytime on prior cruises, if the rate dropped (same category) they let me have an onboard credit for the difference the price had went down. I have done this on 3 occasions. Well, I was looking one week after booking this cruise and it had went down a total of $80.00. I called Carnival for my onboard credit and they refused to give me one. I asked why not since they had always done it before. First they stated because my rate was "locked" (whatever that means) and then when I asked to speak with a guest relations supervisor, she told me Carnival had never done this. I assured her they had and she could go back and look at my previous cruises, than she said 'well I guess they made an exception"..She was rude and flat out told me NO! Not very pleased with Carnival right now ..Does anyone know their procedures now with the onboard credit thing? Did I mess something? Thanks for your imput..Not sure whether to call back and complain more. This is very frustrating since I did just book this 8 days ago!!