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Our forum rules do not allow endorsements of any travel agent or other entity selling cruises. Thus nobody can comment on the "deals" you mention.

I will say that, in general, when those types of offers are made they can be a shell game and in the end the price you pay will be the same as what you'd pay anywhere else.

I also strongly discourage first time cruisers from booking things online with either the cruise line or whatever ".com" cruise agency you see in google. Inevitably, when we get a report from someone that their first cruise was a disaster we learn they booked it on their own and didn't use an agent - or even bother to ask questions. Just remember that if a problem develops, "" isn't going to be an advocate for you. All they want is your money.

Sodas are the same regardless of if you buy the soda package. It's just the delivery system that is different. The package is bar fountain sodas by the glass. Individual sodas are a can plus a glass of ice. Royal Caribbean uses Coca-Cola products.