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Dap- yes, I did. Sorry for the delay. New to the site and notification system so I missed it at first. They should be sitting in your inbox as of a few moments ago….Enjoy!

Valeries220- Sorry if any of my description has you second guessing but I wanted to be honest about my experience. The tower is just over 500ft high and the length of the zip line runs just over 2600ft long. On the way to the top you are on a (very poorly maintained) road / trail but covered inside of the tree line. Your fear of heights honestly shouldn’t kick in until you (see the red bus or) start to exit the Land Rover and walk out onto the main platform. There are full rails all the way out and you are not unprotected until just before they place you on the line. At that point you move through the rail one at a time and are safety tethered to the platform by your harness system. As much as I joked about the instructors in my main post I must say they are VERY professional and patient with everyone. The harness actually does all of the work. Once you’re secured to the line you hold onto a bar above your head or your side straps just for added stability. They will let you hold a camera provided it has a good wrsit strap but nothing around the neck for safety reasons. After I launched, I let go and just enjoyed the overall experience. Your harness system is actually just like a seat (best way I can explain it) you are strapped at each leg, your waist, and chest. There is no possible way it’s coming off of you unless you take it off. Your instructors will check and re-check you at the brief and both platforms. I am not saying the heights won’t affect you but once you launch all the fear goes away. Like I said, our group covered all ages and abilities and I can tell you that even the hesitant was grateful for the expense at the bottom. The braking system is not as harsh as it sounds; it and the harness do all the work but if you don’t hold tight at the end it will shift you back a bit. It is a spring compression system on the end of the line. When you hit it, it compresses upon itself and brings you to a stop. You don’t actually touch the ground until you stand up and are removed from the line to the yelps of “Ya Man! You meet god up there?” The landing crew is A LOT of fun! Again, sorry if anything in my post scared you but I am sure if you ask 10 other cruisers, each of us would have a different experience wit the zip line. Personally I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Cubs720- yeah I saw it on amazing race as well but never thought I would have the chance. Well worth every breathtaking moment.

Again, pics available if anyone wants them! Happy Cruising-

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