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Back from the Jewel:

Yes, Sprite zero is included in the soda package and yes, it is available - theoretically.

BUT: On the Jewel only two bars would give it out and one was almost always closed and the other one opened only in the evening. It was a big problem getting this soda! I would not take the chance again and count on it. Wthout you, poormom and your nice gift I would have had great problems.

The cruise overall was very disappointing, food was awful, service even more so and the ports, well, nothing much to do.

The ship itself is okay, but you could tell that the money making machines are clearly the Freedom and Oasis class ships. There was never put much effort in anything. One member of the crew one day clearly pointed this out and said he would never want to work on the Freedom or Oasis, because then he would have to work three times as much...