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We just got off the Freedom last week.

We had a blast.

We found the staff and crew to be friendly.
I wasn't crazy about the ACD (assistant cruise director) but one bad apple out of 1,500 ain't bad!!! But then I have never found the staff or crew to be rude on any cruise. I guess because I always greet them with a smile.

We found the ship to be in the "consistant Carnival range" expectation for food and upkeep.

I ate more on Lido than usual. I am not usually a buffet person....but I had eating restrictions on this cruise due to an ill acting gall LOW FAT all the way until I can get it removed.

(planning the surgery between cruises!!)

I found plenty to eat. And it all tasted fine to me. But then, I am NOT a foodie at all.

As long as I don't have to plan it, purchase it, prepare it and clean up after it...I am good to go.

The Glory and Freedom are the same class the layout will be identical.

If you are choosing between the two...I would book based on price first. I don't book based on ports because you never know when the weather will change those plans.

As for Cat 11 or Cat 12 suites...all you get is VIP Check In.

The only negative was the VIP Self Assist. It was non-existant...but since that isn't something you get with the should not affect your cruise.