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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
I actually don't disagree with smuggling a little on board. I don't think $3.25 for a can of domestic beer is reasonable, when they pay 60 cents for it. For folks that do drink beer would equal $39 a 12 pack. I always bring a 12 pack in my luggage to off-set the cost a little and have an ice cold beer in my cabin. My opposition to 7thson's post is the reccomendation to fill your suitcase with booze, and then bring your clothes in coolers. I don't want that practice advertised and the cruise lines crack down on us that just bring in moderation.

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My reply about using a cooler is meant for fun. I cannot believe that it would be takien seriously.

As for taking alcohol on board I think you can carry on a 12 pack or beer or so with no objection.

As far as the price on board I think it is reasonable. $3.35 for a beer is really not bad. Add 15% tip and it is $3.74. It is about the same as most bars charge and may be even less. Just got got back from Vegas. Was playing VP at the bar. If you were not gambling a Miller Lite was $5.00 without a TIP. Seen people tipping $2 for a $5.00 beer. Usually if a beer cost $3.25 most people will give the server a 5 spot and say keep the change or give a dollar so $3.75 is getting off rather cheap. Plus they usually have a bucket of beer special that takes a few dollars off the price of 5 bottles. Even on the Islands the street vendors are charging about $2 for a bottle. If you drank a 12 pack a day on a 7 day cruise your bill would be only $273 and you would have consumed 12,600 calories from the beer alone. If you drink that much I wouldn't worry about the bar tab. I would be more concerned about the cost of new clothes after the cruise.