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We have always cruised RCCL--the first two were free, incentive travel. After that I visited my agent, told her we loved those first two--and she encouraged us to never depart from RCCL since we were so satisfied. My parents first cruised with Princess (this stands in their memory as their "best" cruise) and are very loyal to that line. They sailed RCCL once, and Carnival once, and the complaining never stopped. They are very old now and will have to cruise with us if they go at all and we may get in a stalemate over which line to choose.

In the end we are all creatures of habit, and having had a wonderful time at something we try to recreate or exceed it time after time. We hold on to all the experiences and flavors and want them to be present to recreate the magic of that "best" cruise.

You can also poll a hundred people on this site and get 5-6 different answers of which is the best cruise line. I don't think anyone is saying RCCL love it or leave it--I think the greater message is "hey, you've got options--if you aren't happy here try somewhere else".
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