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First of all if this violates any of the Terms or Use conditions, please delete.
I have allowed some High School Students to use a few of my photos from time to time. They make prints and sell them for fund raisers.
I have been approached by a couple of the local business people wanting to sell a few as postcards. I know I am not going to get rich, but it might be fun. Who knows I might even make enough to buy my wife's soda card on our next cruise.
What I need to do is make a few post cards. I have uploaded some photos that different people like. Many of these photos have been used by the kids for their fund raisers. Some look alike, but they aren't
Here is how I need you help. If you would take the time to go to the site and vote for your favorites. Feel free to leave you comments also.
If you want you can even right click and download the image. To vote just put your cursor over the large image and a thumbs up/down screen will appear. I have hidden this gallery so you need a link to find it, feel free to share it.Later I will check the votes, and order a few postcards. I realize I still need to fine tune some of the processing also.
Thanks for you help.
Here is the link.
Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska