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OMG...OMG..I dont understand what all the negative reviews are about with Costa!! Before leaving I read a great deal of negative reviews and I have to take the time to say...OMG! What could you possibly find wrong???!! This was my first Costa but now marks our 15th cruise and I have not had such a great experience with a cruise as this one in a while. Food was very plentiful.(like the ol days of cruising with 7 courses offered each night) AND WHAT A CHOICE and..and...the waiters were wonderful offering extra apps or entrees! Buffets offered a nice variety each day along with the consistent ones with pizza and icecream being avail for the most part. The entertainment was wonderful with also a nice variety each night and I have to say the dancers were well trained from ballet to jazz to tap. The pool area had a very energetic staff, frienly and certainly entertaining and the pool bar attentents were there but not pushy. Yes, a great deal of the announcements/entertainment and other was done in Italian BUT in American as for all complainers that it was not Americanized enough for you (and we actually experienced one first hand) ...YOU WERE ON AN ITALIAN SHIP LINE ...that went out of there way to accomidate YOU by also speaking American. We actually did have a small problem with our bill due to human error AND EVEN THAT WAS CLEARED UP with a courteous manner and in a timely fashion.. The staff...guests(mostly italian)..and line itself was great and unless you are a difficult person to begin with..COSTA IS WONDERFUL AND I WILL DEFINATELY BE BOOKING THEM AGAIN.