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Originally posted by Jim C.:
Jerome- The ship won't wait indefinetly for a late plane. They will wait up to maybe an hour but not much more than that.

I was on the Glory when it waited 3 hours for a late plane from Michigan. And if I understand the Carnailval deal correctly: if the ship does leave they will get you to the first port at their expense. Still not great as you miss those first days on the ship. I think how much time they will wait, probably depends on how much extra time they have to reach the first port. The Liberty leaving Fort Lauderdale steams nearly full to reach San Juan in time. But Ships leaving Miami to San Juan have some more time to wait. So it depends. With all that said I much prefer the assurance of prior day flying. But given that you have already booked it may cost more to change it. But check it out, never hurts to ask