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Originally posted by BJS:
I have never been on Carnival but understand the shows are not the same with any of the Carnival Brand cruise lines. I have been on HAL and prefer Princess shows.

It depends on your point of view whether the production shows are good or not. We have enjoyed the majority of them.

Some of the costumes are basic and some elaborate depending on the number. Some the dancers are very good and other are just good. They rotate in and out so some have been working together for weeks and others have just arrived and are learing. The sets are not elaborate and it will depend on the ship what they are like. The larger and newer ships have raising platforms, etc.

The dancers do not run bingo or the libaray that I've ever seen. There is a cruise director and staff who run the social activities. I've seen them at the Muster Drill and going on shore excursions as a crew rep.

I'm not sure why you are asking? The questions sound like you are a dancer looking to work on a ship or know one that is?
WOW you are a Princess Cruise expert. Look at all those cruises. And going again soon. I left you a private message with a little more information. Please hit me up again when you return from Hawaii. I loved those islands. Did it in the 80's on the Independance. Aloha