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Originally posted by tncruiseman:
Great to see this thread taking shape. Folks, teh best thing we can do right now is make a contribution to one of the foundations already set up. That contribution will maintain websites on SSUS and aid in getting the needed exposure/publicity. Another more important thing to do would be to write your senators and congressman about forming a suitable tax policy/credit/etc to encourage the restoration of the ship. This needs to be done before January though...remember Jimmy Carter sold off the Sequoia! Seriously, if NCL could gain tax credits for SSUS restoration, and other incentives, the project could actually become viable.
I believe it will be easier to get those tax incentives once the SSUS is designated a historic place. Shucks, as tight as NCL is, a tax incentive of some sort would probably mean they could refurbish it, and put it back into service.

From NCL's third quarter earnings statement,

The third quarter of 2006 represents the first full quarter with three vessels deployed in our inter-island Hawaii cruises. While the Company expects the stabilization of this fleet to ultimately result in cost efficiencies, the significant increase in capacity deployed in our inter-island Hawaii cruises represented a larger portion of our fleet in the third quarter of 2006 than in 2005, and this has therefore resulted in higher payroll and related expenses.
“Our rapid expansion in inter-island Hawaii cruises and increased fuel costs continue to impact our results,” said Colin Veitch, president and chief executive officer of NCL Corporation Ltd. “In the near term, we still have a challenging road ahead of us in Hawaii, but with the stabilization of our NCL America fleet we expect to achieve operating improvements in 2007. We are in the process of implementing measures to reduce crew turnover and accelerate the rate at which product delivery scores have been improving.

What's promising is that NCL posted a third quarter profit of $49 million. That's with three NCLA ships in operation with all their higher expenses. That's reduced the red ink for the year down to losing almost $15 million. A good fourth quarter might change this year's red ink into black. So it isn't all doom and gloom at NCL this year. But I wish I could say the same for NCLA. Let's hope Colin's plans for NCLA work.

Then maybe, NCL will allow NCLA to expand once more. When and if that occurs, the SSUS will be an asset instead of a corporate liability.
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