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I just don't understand, "Your baby is very sick and needs to be in a hospital. This is a medical emergency." being misconstrued as "they kicked us off the ship" if, in fact, that's the gist of what happened.
That is my feeling about it too. Even if the ship's doctor was eventually found to be wrong, I wouldn't be whining about it. I'd be thinking that the ship's doctor showed admirable concern for my child. The story makes it sound like RCI was just going to dump a family because their kid had norovirus symptoms - in some desperate attempt to keep the ship from an outbreak. Well, if the baby did have noro then it was already too late. 7 month old babies don't grab railings, push buttons, hold buffet utensils, etc. If the kid had noro then it would be guaranteed some older people were well on their way to being sick.