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Originally posted by IslandCruz:
Welcome back Leigh!

I hope the good karma is returned to you ten fold for doing the right thing about this.

My sister misplaced her watch once and it was at the purser's desk. On this last cruise (I didn't want to admit this) I lost my mini wallet in the casino. It had my id, and $40 in cash in it. The bungee cord thing attached to my Sail & Sign card apparently had snagged it and pulled it out of my pocket. I was in a panic and told one of the slot technicians. Within seconds the assistant casino manager came to me and asked me to follow him to the cage. Thank God someone had turned it in. I wasn't worried about the $40, it was my id so I could get on and off the ship. The $40 was there too.

Years ago my cousin and I were in San Francisco for the day. He lost his wallet, had about $500.00 in cash in it. He reported it, but knew it was bye bye. about a week later he got it in the mail. The person who found it did not give his/her name. They just left a note telling him they had used a few dollars for postage. the rest of in there.
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