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This is a good example why not to book cruises through an airline distribution channel. Airlines shouldn't be selling cruises, cars, and hotels. They should sell only what they do best, and that's air. It's no wonder they're all losing money! Now that I've ranted.... Southwest is acting as an agent for Carnival. Shame on them for not offering all parts of that cruise package. Another reason to use a real travel agent. Real travel agents will offer you service. Carnival is saying they can't sell you transfers because you aren't the agency that booked it. Carnival will not make changes to a booking that is booked by an agency. If you can call Southwest and talk to an actual human being you need to tell them to call Carnival and add them. There shouldn't be any reason they can't do this if your air schedule meets the arrival and departure times Carnival requires. If Southwest won't do this then they are either too lazy or too stupid to know what they're doing. It might be easier to just use alternative means of transfer. There are several shuttles, car rentals, and limousine services.