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It sounds like overall you had a good cruise. I'd like to make a few comments though about your observations.

You kept comparing Royal Caribbean (RCI), to Princess (PCL) and Celebrity (CEL). The cruise lines don't have star ratings per se like hotels. The cruise industry does have classifications though. RCI is in the classification of "Mass Market", and CEL and PCL are in the classification of "Premium" line. One of the differences is those "small touches" such as you mentioned in your comparisons. Small touches like the difference in enrichment programs, and even the difference in the daily bulletin. To say RCI is making extreme cutbacks because they didn't have enrichment programs like CEL or PCL, or their bulletin wasn't as informative, is an inaccurate comparison because it may be normal for RCI. "Cheap" cruises or "good deals" are only good if the cruise line is a good match for your expectations.

To avoid disappointment, anyone with special dietary needs should always contact the cruise line 2-3 weeks prior to cruising.

In the past the NY Times News has always been by the Guest Services area. Lately, I have been finding it in the Library, along with crossword and Suduko. Perhaps the Guest Services didn't bother to tell you to look there, or they thought you already had looked there, and the library was just out of the days supply.

In 70 plus cruises I don't think two hours for dinner is extreme. It's normal. Especially considering the tables of ten as you state, and the number of tables your waiter may have been assigned. Perhaps because your used to table for two the service is quicker.

I wish you many happy cruises.