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The Carnival Liberty is a very "colorful" ship, if you like "bright" colors, which I do, and that was one reason why I chose it, as well as friends told me it was a good ship.

It is a big ship, with the rooms, no matter what stateroom you decide to go with, I know the rooms are larger than most ships. The closets, drawers are so much bigger, than other state rooms on other ships. The bathrooms come with larger shampoos, soaps, etc. The beds, I think are to DIE for. You feel like a baby all cuddle up, with light covers that are so comfortable.

There is a large theatre to watch all kinds of music productions, as well as after hour entertainment. There is also a large out door theatre to watch movies when it gets dark, serving popcorn.

The glass elevators are more than beautiful.

There is minature golf, basketball, pool, etc. if you wish to play.

If you have children/grandchildren, there is Camp Carnival that takes them away so you can do what you would like to do. Activities are going on all day, if you wish to attend.

The Silver/Golden dining rooms are nice, and the wait staff entertain two or three nights during the cruise. For the most part the food was good, where we did not try out one of the other restaurants. The Pizza out on the deck is very good also. There is plenty to eat, even if you are choosy, on the buffet.

I would suggest that you get all your enrollment done on line, so you won't have to "stand in line" when you arrive, and can go on the ship directly.

Also, when you get your door card, don't have it next to your credit card or cell phone, for it will deactivate it.



My main disappointment was the midnight buffet with the ice carvings. If I had never been on other ships where they were much larger, I wouldn't have known any different. This was nice, but not as long.

If you have questions, the Pursers desk/whether you call or get in line, are very helpful.