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Well Skygoddess let's start with the good:


Arriving at the pier in Miami was a very quick and easy process. You go check in and receive your set sail cards and then get your picture taken and your own your way.


When first walking on this ship it is beautiful, The atrium is very nice for this to be a ship that was build back in 1995. Everything was very clean and neat, I was also very very impressed with the cabins aboard this ship which allows for alot of space for two people in a cabin. I have cruised on royal carribean and although i love there mega ships they have very small cabins. The food aboard this ship was also very good to me MUCH better than the Royal Carribean cruise line. But that's just my opinion. The shows were fantastic aboard this ship also the casino and the clubs. This is all the good.


The only complaint that i had aboard this ship was the ship rocked from the time we left miami until the time we got back. Now take into consideration there was BEAUTIFUL weather and the ocean was very very calm so there was no no reason for this ship to be rocking as much as it did. It kind of spoiled my trip from all of the rocking. I have been on 5 cruises and i have never ever ever ever gotten sea sick until i boarded this ship. One night we got so sick until we werent able to attend any of the captains ball festivities. I had to go get some sea sick medicine to make me feel alot better. Also this ship is around 70,000 tons with out any stabilizers like the modern ships have so that would account for all of the rocking. Personally i love the MEGA ships more so than the smaller vessels but thats just my opinion. Overall it was a great trip despite the rocking of the cruise, I dont want you to think that the entire cruise was ruined because it wasnt i made the best out of a bad situation and still had TONS of fun. Enjoy your cruise and trust me after you cruise this first time you will continue to come back more and more.

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