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And once again a thrill-packed Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest comes to a close with Joey Chestnut winning! The Mustard Belt remains in the U.S. for another year!

It was an amazing contest with Chestnut and Kobayashi tied after regulation time expired. In the first ever 5-dog "Eat Off" tiebreaker, Chestnut came through with an impressive display of speed and chomping prowess. A crestfallen Kobayashi was left speechless and found his defeat hard to swallow. Fortunately there were no controversial "reversals" this year.

Hot Dog bloggers are already speculating that the regulation time change from 12 minutes to 10 may have been a factor. Like a long-distance runner, Kobayashi's pace may have been disrupted by the time change. Chestnut is more of a sprinter in his competitive eating, and thus more able to adjust to contest variances.