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After this, I'll drop it.

In Egypt one is expected to pay baksheesh (sic) (a tip of sorts - more like extortion) to EVERYONE!

On a tour of Memphis, my brother had the misfortune to fall out of the bus and wrenched his back. We took him to the hospital in Cairo and discovered that if we did not pay baksheesh to each of the duty nurses, the several attendants that brought his food, the maintenance guy, etc. (the list really does go on and on ) they might "forget" to bring his meds, the food might not come from the "european" kitchen, the a/c might not work and so on. When you got on the (self-service) elevator, there is always someone to push the button for you (baksheesh). To get past the gate in front of the hospital - yep - baksheesh. Best of all - the doctor - oh yeah, big baksheesh! So folks, count your blessings in that we don't see that sort of thing here!