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Originally posted by Dwayne:
Yes, I wanted to make sure the OP was very aware....especially since he has someone with Special Needs....

now we have no way of knowing what those special needs are, but as a Mom of a son with hour wait in the hot sun would have been an "issue" what I would have wanted to know about....
Absolutely! And thank you for pointing this out. I'm going to also ask some questions about this while I am down there next weekend in order to further help the OP. I plan to also contact Special Needs concerning this in order to hear what they say myself.

One thing to point out though is they advise not arriving to the port before 12:30PM. The current terminal has to be switched over from Customs and Debarkation and set back up for Embarkation. This is what causes the problems with "Early Arrivers", as they don't have a separate area to begin checking them in.

So a Head's Up..don't arrive at the Port of Charleston too early!

Thanks Dwayne....

hopefully in a few years (when they get the new terminal finished) this will all be an inconvenient memory!!!