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Originally posted by penny3333:
The connection can be made if everything goes smoothly, but normally they will hold a connecting flight on the same airline for passengers on a delayed flight.
This is true. If you're on the same airline (which I assume you are, probably American), then if the first leg is late, they will hold the second flight because it is in their system that you are connecting to that flight from another incoming flight. However, the issue as stated earlier will be your checked bags, as there is the risk they may not make the connecting flight, even if they hold the flight just long enough for you to get to the gate and get onboard.

I've said this before in other threads, but I think it's worth repeating. Before you book airfare through the cruise line, definitely shop around for fares on the airline's website and travel websites. When I went on my cruise back in October of last year, the cruise line wanted more money for the airfare than for the cruise, and the airfare was significantly cheaper (by about $300) if I booked through the airline's website for the airfare.
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