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Dwayne, if you book with a PVP then your cruise charges (and any OBCs show up online in cruise details (if you look under the make payment tab) But if you have a travel agent book the cruise, you can't see your balance for some reason. But it does show any OBC if you can view your balance.
Thanks! I wasn't sure where it would be located or how it would work with regards to how they booked the cruise. I was going by where the OBC's are listed with mailed docs. I've never used a PVP or booked directly online before.

I did register my cruise today just to take a look. I didn't go further than the Documents first page. It did have the option to choose the method of receiving the Docs this time. Last time they didn't have the option, and if you went in the Document section it would automatically default to E-Docs.

I'll go ahead and choose the Mailed Docs on the page and see what happens, and what I can see by booking with a TA. I shouldn't have any OBC's though, yet.