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Technology and society is evolving into Remove and Replace more than ever. This week I've had to replace the kitchen stove. Naturally, I called in the factory repairman for the fastest service. After he looked at the stove for 5 minutes, he got on his laptop, got answers to his questions and...low and behold the computer fault isolated the problem and he announced ...$400.00 to remove and replace the part (stove computer!!

Sounded Right ... but first, bofore agreeing I said give me a day. I then went out, found the same stove design, from the same manufacturer, on sale, with removal and delivery, for $369!!

This was a no-brainer and the stove was delivered this morning!!(11 years ago I paid $511 for the same stove!()

The serviceman (I won't call him a repairman) was annoyed when I called back! Why? He did not do any repair, he did not do any remove/replace and I paid him his fee for the service call!!

I guess being cost effective is meaningless - but it is a sad sign of the times when repairmen cannot fix the things they are trained to fix and can only replace the part with whole new modules!

But then, Why bother to fix things when new ones are cheaper!!