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Hosed that word fits just right!
But I got past that right away when Rccl
sold me what I needed(At full bar price)what
are you going to do?
Thats one thing Hal's got going for them, They
will let you bring on board wine & champagne all you need to hide it + any adult
beverages can be del to your cabin from ship services....AT A FAIR PRICE....
But I did miss the night life...At times I felt like I was in a rest home ....A lot of walkers & wheelchairs in the halls....lights out at 9:30 ....I'll will say the crew are some of the best & hardest working I've ever met.
Well it was fun (I always have fun)But it's back to RCCL for me.
Dave, Hope we run into each other on board some rccl ship in the future....You are a gentleman & You know what your talking about.

papae.......p.s.ever been on the sos?