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Hi Rouse,

I can answer some of your questions:

1) Hidden fees - any? I have read no, but I have also read that I have to be prepared to tip so many people!
The extra fees include alcoholic drinks, sodas such as Coke, shore excursions, tips, spa services, and things you buy in the ship's stores, along with tips.

Who should I tip, when, and how much? This will be a big relief to no the answer to this.
Tips are given out the last night on the ship. Your room steward will leave envelopes in your room sometime during your last full day onboard. Basically, there are 3 people who get tips. The room steward gets $3.50 per person, per night. The dining room waiter gets an identical amount. The assistant waiter gets $2.00 per person per night. Many people tip the Maitre d' something like 75 cents per person, per night. There may also be an envelope for the Chief Room Steward. Some people tip him, some don't. If someone onboard has given you extra special service and you want to extend a gratuity, by all means, do so. The above amounts are guidelines; you can give more if you think the person deserves it.

3) Cellphone service - Is there any on the ship, or at the ports of Costa Maya or Cozymel?
Royal Caribbean has been installing cell phone capabilities on all of its ships. Someone else should be able to tell you if the Splendour has that capability yet.

Internet access - Is there any in the Oceanview Staterooms?
There is an internet cafe onboard, but I'm not sure about in-cabin access. Again, someone else should be able to talk about this specific ship.

You're going to have a great time!