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My wife and I are 4 time Princess and 1 time Celebrity cruiser (loving cruising!). After an all inclusive Celbrity cruise at Galapagos, we decided that “all inclusive” is going to be “all us” from now on and have a 12 day Caribbean cruise booked on Regents March 11, 09.

For more than a month now, the "Already Booked" portal on the RCCS official web-site has been "under constrution" making any electronic access to, or entry of, personal information impossible.

Our travel agent claims it has no more access to specific cruise info than what we have (=0) and have pointed us to call Regents

With no information about cabin number, able to reserve shore excursions, entering passport type and required personal info electronically, we had no choice but to call Regents.

That turned out to be like calling you cable-company!, routing you through several choices to at random sending you to be cut off or to a phone mail. Where you can leave a message

Finally got a call-back from a "real person" after playing phone. The person had no idea when the web site would be up, as she told me the company had recently changed platforms and for some reason the “already booked” section was lagging behind for more than a month. She did not know when it would on line because that was managed by another entity and her department was told nothing, 2) She could email me the forms to put personal information on and for me to Fax them back and 3) if I told her out of the 50 or so shore excursion offered on this cruise I liked, she could give me the prices.

Thanks! - but my wife and I like to look at the shore excursions in the context of pricing before deciding whether to go with them or do our own arrangements - not something we really appreciate doing on the fly on the phone.

She emailed me a "Guest Information Form" requesting information only as if you are either a U.S. citizen or foreigner - no room for U.S. Permanent Residents which we happen to be, and with the information required for either foreigners or citizens not being appropriate for our not entirely unique situation.

We also heard from others that we would be able to enter preferences for our Butler Service (on-line of course!), which is part of our suite class, except, no such luck when the web-site is down from when you order the cruise until, it seems, you leave..

All in all not a good beginning experience with Regents for something that by all accounts should be a wonderful experience, from planning thee cruise – to actually cruising, and not something I would expect from a cruise line that supposedly caters to the “Upscale” traveler? And who have heard of a major company who’s business very much is tied to the internet having their customer care portal down for months? I work for a an 11,000+ customer oriented business and such would be absolutely unheard of!!

Sorry to be such a whiner - but are we just unlucky or do other upcoming Regents cruisers have the same problems?