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Sorry you had a sub par cruise?
NCL and NCLA, while basically the same company, are entirely different cruising experiences.
NCLA's Hawaiian cruises are port intenstive cruises, and sail to four islands in just seven days.

The experiences of a cruise consists of two parts, aboard the ship and ashore. We know how you felt about your experiences aboard the ship, how were your experiences ashore? What did you do at every port, and did you have fun?

As a judge, I hope you understand law and understand America's cabatoge laws. NCLA does not have a monopoly in Hawaii. Every cruise line can build or buy American built ships and man them with American crews if they chose to do so.
Many cruise lines sail to Hawaii, but since it takes days to reach and return from a foreign port, their cruises are much longer than 7 days.

I hope your next cruise is your best!