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Dear Ekinna,

Food is so very personal. I have cruised CCL, NCL, Pricesss and RCL all in the last 3 years. Buffet food is basically the same on all these ships (I might add e\we sailed on the largest ship of each line). Found found food in the specialty restaurants (RCL and CCL) to be high quality, tasty, e.g. no artichokes at all on NCL while abundance on Carnival, none on RCL. AGain specialty restaurants high end with a cover had the most adventurous tastier food). Dining room food on all four lines basically the same. Room service on each line appalling - takes forever. If you want tea, pls order it before you get to your room as you will wait 1 hour. Late night food other than in specialty restaurants hard to find on NCL easy and accessible on RCL on promenade pizza deserts galore and even on CArnival pizzeria open all hours up on top deck. Again matter of choice, you cruise for the whole experience not just the food at least we do.