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Dave, That's why I use the term "Generally", not meaning all. You, Penny, me, and others that post to this site know value in cruising.
"Jan", (since Penny set the precedent).

I know what you mean. For me, I spend approximately the same regardless of the cruise fare. I'm sure fare slashing does "generally" attract some "low" spenders though. Especially those that don't plan and save for their cruise and grab the last minute type bargains. I'm sure you're aware CCL has even introduced a new "Pack and Go" rate.

I wonder if those published fares are not even what is effected by this "policy". You see we have a friend who condo is overlooking the cruise port in LA, and RCCL calls HIM when they are not full and offers this guy and his friends absolute bargain basement pricing on their rooms as they can go in 24 hours notice--or less on a weekend. Until Kevin mentioned this little tidbit I had no idea such a call list existed. Perhaps some of this very last minute private contact pricing is mostly what is on the chopping block.
spoheat, I'm not sure what the RCI guidelines are for this. It is a common practice apparently, as I know CCL does it as well. My understanding is it is mostly employees, or affiliated employees, and Travel Agents that are pre-registered. I wouldn't think it would impact the published pricing to much of a degree either, if it works the same as CCL's.