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Kmathi, the biggest thing we noticed on Costa is way more children than on other lines. I'm not just talking about little ones, I'm talking about teenagers, too. The demographics of the passengers is generally a younger mix than on Princess or HAL. I'd say the average is around 40 for the adults and 13 for the children. Somewhere around there. There aren't particularly more Europeans on board, but it's not catered to Americans. There is a definite European atmosphere on board, the art work, the interior designs, the crew. The crew is more like family, one HUGE family. There are members from all over the world, too.

Running the ship is professional, the ships are immaculate and they are constantly cleaning up after all the kids. When you leave a port they play Dean Martin's "That's Amore". The muster drill is long because all instructions are given in all 5 languages while you stand by your lifeboat in your lifejacket. Then all announcements are made in all 5 languages. The officer's are mainly Italian, but the rest of the crew is a mixture like any other ship. The food and the fun are the best part of the atmosphere. Just typing about it now, I'm singing the song in my head with a smile plastered from ear to ear.

I have a feeling, when you leave the ship, you'll be wanting to book another cruise on Costa.