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On the Lirica 12/3/08 - 12/13/08
You can't get coffee before 6 or 6:30 AM.
If you can get room service to answer, it will be a miracle. When we got on the ship there were cards for you to fill out to have a
Breakfast Tray brought to your cabin at a time you request. Got it the first time and I tried it 2 more times and never got it. I am an early riser and I was sharing a cabin with 2 other people. My favorite thing to do is go up on deck, have coffee and watch the sun come up.
Waiting on coffee just about drove me nuts.

The room attendants were very good, our cabin was kept very clean. Very little English spoken. I saw earlier in a post about ice cream, it is not included in the price of the cruise $2.50. They keep your fridge packed full in hopes of you using everything. The food
left a lot to be desired. You could always count on the dinner rolls to be on the breakfast
buffet. The first couple of nights in the dining room were less than pleasant. Very confusing and noisy. The evening meals did seem to get better as the cruise went along.
There are times during the day that the only thing available was pizza, horrible pizza.

My favorite place on the ship is the swimming pool areas. They close that down around 8PM every night. No functions going on at night.
One party was planned but canceled because of rain . This was during the middle of the cruise and was never rescheduled. There were games planned for each afternoon but........
I was very disappointed because they closed it down so early. The casino is small, but I liked it. There was something going every night in every bar or theatre.

Because of the wait on coffee every morning,
there would always be several, several people waiting around the pool area for coffee. We all
complained and chatted.

The Lirica is a beautiful ship, very clean and tastefully decorated. English is the minority language spoken on the ship. They do make the announcements in 5 languages but by the time you listen to the English version it is broken and unclear.

These are my thoughts on my cruise on the Lirica.
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