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Originally posted by Rhein:
Hi Ron Clark,

although I know there is no historical relation between Miami and the Independence, my idea was to search for a city, where a lot of cruises start and end. And nowhere else are starting more cruises than in Miami with Fort Lauderdale situated very close. Because it should make economic sense.

Other advantages for the cruise line(s) would be for example:

- binding the client to Your enterprise
- more cash for the enterprise, because Your customer doesn't need a hotel
- or You give the night as an extra bonus for people, that cruised several times with You....
And that's why I suggested Miami woould be a lousy place for a ship hotel. The pier you'll use to tie the hotel ship means one less pier being available to tie real cruise ships to.

The piers and cruise terminals are worth far more than the Independence is worth. Dodge Island only has so much room available for piers, and when they aren't being used by cruise ships, they are being used by container ships.