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Originally posted by ChucksOK:
You are wasting your breath with "fancy tea" - if they have to ask what "smart casual" is, they won't have the foggiest idea what to wear at tea (fancy or not)!

Island and Penny,
I totally agree! What I wonder though is who are these people and where/how were raised. Why do we keep seeing these threads on how and when to dress and how and when to tip!?!

Lighten Up! None of us, not even you, not even me were born with a nautical spoon in our mouths! We had to learn. And considering the bizarre dress code in some of our US establishments, it's easy to understand how someone who has never been on a cruise would be lost trying to figure out what in the world to wear. Especially since we are all trying to limit our baggage quota, there is little margin for error.