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Originally posted by sillyme:
Can this be possible, well I guess it can, but gosh,I thought it would be more expensive going through the cruiseline itself. Hmm. Her total was about 2,500 more than the cruiseline. If I book w/the cruiseline, does this include transfers from the plane to the port?

Wow, $2500 seems like an awfully huge diference. Are you sure it was for the same cruise package??
Did you tell your TA you had called??

I have called Princess many times myself to book cruises. You can get everything included in the deal as long as you mention it.
Even now I may call just to see what the price will be & then have the TA check it out & book.
Sometimes the TA knows some ins & outs to get a better deal too.

Another was to save money sometimes is to book your own air. Again this can vary on when & where you fly. For example going to Florida/San Juan I can always find better pricing. But. for Europe not usually so. Especially if you have a different location for embarkation & disembarkation.

Good Luck

I have never been on the Liberty so cannot help there. However most teens I know love to cruise. Most ships do offer centers & activities.


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