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I have a client who had called numerous times to investigate cruising and wanted to badly. Her hubby is a farmer and said he's not gettin out of his overalls, cruise or no cruise! She didn't want to miss the formal night and didn't want to be embarrassed by her hubby who is a little set in his ways. Her daughter could sew well so she bought some worsted wool like you'd make a suit from and used a pair of his existing overalls as a patern to fashion pair and got him a sport coat that complimented the color. The poor lady was still not crazy about the compromise and thought he looked silly in bib overalls no matter what they were made of. But she wrote me after her cruise and said they were a hit at the dinner table and all the guys wanted some dress up overalls for themselves. He had such a good time he agreed to wear real slacks and let her plan another cruise. They'll be going on their second next month. I've never had a more excited client than this woman. I don't know if it's more because of her cruise or that hubby will give in and wear a real suit for her for the first time since their wedding day 46 years ago.

I just wish I were going, I'd really like to meet farmer Jack and the Mrs. After the hard life you can just hear in her voice how much they're both finally enjoying their new found cruise relaxation time. She's as giddy as a teenaged girl planning for her prom.

Cheers, Neil