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I live and work in Juneau. We've been known to show up in Sitka and Hoonah (Icy Strait Point), but Ketchikan is a bit of a long run for us.

Mid May is a great time to fish for King Salmon. Ketchikan is definatly the port I'd recommend too. They get their salmon runs a bit later there, while Juneau gets all of the later runs (I can usually fish for coho and King salmon way up into September and October.) With your port time, you'll only have time for a 1/2 day charter, but no... an 11 or noon trip isn't too late... these fish run with the tides, and a good guide will find them no matter what time of day it may be.

Give Ken Teune a call at Northern Lights Charters. Even if he's already booked, he'll steer you in a good direction.

Happy Alaska Travels!
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