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Dear HappyColor,

Just reading your message now. I bet you have come and gone already. We chose 8:15 pm dining traditional on the Star (med cruise plus Egypt) and we just happily strode into Anytime Dining in either of the two diningrooms whenever we so pleased never to be turned down EVER. Depending on our mood, we sat with others or we sat at a table for 2 or 3 (we were three on this cruise). So what I have learned from previous Princess cruising (is choose the late sitting - for Europe anyhow) because lots of times, ships leave later from port and we like to see the sailaway) and show up for anytime dining when it suits you. We have found we cannot do this with RCCL however, they are sticklers there on that one. But that said, we are still going to try once again when we sail Liberty of Seas in March 2011.