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When we arrived in the Bahamas,I knew I wanted to see, if nothing else, Atlantis.

When we got off the ship it looked like we would have to take a tender/boat or something to get there, but you walk quite a distance, and will find where you need to be. There will be people there "trying" to get passengers for their vehicles to take them on tours. We told the man what we wanted to see/do (there were about 8 of us)and he told us what he would do, which would incorporate what we wanted to see/do. We drove all around the Bahamas, seeing where the low/poor people live, then going to the high class area, which beautiful homes. The Bahamas seems to "me", to have light colors or pastels in their homes or buildings. Our guide took us by Anna Nicole Smith's burial spot, but they were having a funeral that day, so we were not able to go in, but we could take pictures close by. We also drove by where Howard Stern is still living. We then went to Atlantis, which is BIG, and beautiful, at least a block long. From there, those that wanted to go to the beach, he dropped off, and then took us back to port.

Nassau in the Bahamas is an island to see.