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Originally posted by GirlieGirl:
CJO, Tracy Arm Fjord is beautiful, but it is not a glacier, it was about 800 years ago....
Tracy Arm Fjord actually has 3 glaciers visible while cruising. Sumdum Glacier, right at the entrance to Holkam Bay, and the twin halves of Sawyer Glacier at the very head of the fjord. Just past where your picture was taken, the excursion boats take a left turn, then a right, and you're looking at both Sawyer glaciers (if it's not foggy.)

Personally, I don't like cruising Tracy Arm on a large ship... small boat excursions that can get "up close and personal" with the ice (and bears, goats, sea birds, seals, etc.) are always my choice. When my friends and family choose a cruise itinerary, I always try to steer them toward the itinerary that gives at least 10 or 11 hours in Juneau to allow for one of two excursions into Tracy Arm. Heck... the weather is so nice this week, and I'm all excited talking about Tracy Arm, I think I'll go visit right now! (Definitely a "perk" of being local!)

Happy Alaska Travels!
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