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Hi all,
My husband and I are travelling with our 8 year old deaf daughter on our first cruise. We will be on the Splendor 6 Sep 09 to the Mexican Riviera. We are nervous and incredibly excited!So is our daughter. We want this to be a fun trip for her, too!
We were just wondering if anyone has any experiece with Carnival and Deaf children? We are already aware of Camp Carnival and their activites, but I've read other posts about them leaving the children unattended while they run around doing "Scavenger Hunts", and needless to say that has me a bit worried. We never leave her alone, much less with strangers, but I thought the camp kept them in an area designed for their age groups. I called them and they told me they never leave any children unattended.
I don't plan on leaving her there much, but just in case I do need to. She is active and we like to keep her busy, we do plan on some excursions, as well.