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The original post was a comment on the precedence that this sets. It's offensive for anyone to suggest that because others point out the question about personal responsibility, that they be considered insensitive. There is nothing that RCCL did to cause the death of that man, but the wife has a million dollars to gain. By the way, I read that the foundation that the wife set up is for $50,000. We have to take personal responsibility for our actions and stop using these corporations to cash in. She has also kept the report from the parents and they are not even able to read the results. What a nice lady that Mrs. Smith. So before you start questioning strangers about their feelings and lack of sensitivity, you may want to question that of the only person that has something to gain from this tragedy. A cruise ship is a small city, and there are plenty of stupid irresponsible people sharing that space along with the rest of us. The bottom line is that those of us that work our axxes off to save up for our vacations, should not have to pay the price for those that behave in a way that they put their lives in danger.