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Originally posted by Sandy:
I'm thinking if this agent offered to let you make payments over time, he is padding things. The normal method is to make a deposit and a final payment.
It's typical that an agent will allow the passenger to pay the deposit, and then make as many payments as they want until final payment time. The agent just calls the credit card into the cruise line each time the passenger wants to make a payment. If the passenger is making payments with a check, the agent can send an agency check into the cruise line each time, although some agents will collect payments and just send final payment into the cruise line when it's due.

If there is a long time between deposit and final payment, this is a great way for passengers to pay down the balance and not be stuck with a very large balance due, all at the same time.

We love to put our cruise on "lay away". As I get a few extra jobs the money goes to the cruise, or we can take alittle out of the normal monthly budget. You have nothing to lose (except a little to the TA), you can still get it all back. If we get our paid off in ime we often upgrade our room if we can. We prepay excursions, and buy enough "Fun Bucks" to cover on board stuff. All we have to pay for at cruise time, is the hotel, and gas to LA or San Diego.

I know our TA phones it in at the time, and gets a fax from the cruise line to show our payment.
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