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Well, we debated this, I am pretty sure they were the new locks.

LHP, I know you will let us know.

I think the last ship I was on with the old locks was Celebration. Of course, I forget what I go into the kitchen for sometimes

I always use to break the old keys because they were too long for my cruise wallet. I guess we better get back on topic.

I wanted to add that having the Fun Pass done does save a little time. Also if you have everything in your hand.. Fun Pass, ID, BC/Passport, and credit card you are using. Takes about 2 minutes for 2 people once you get to the counter.

Then in line for your Cards. You will still need your ID again. Get your picture taken. You will then have to have your card put in the security machine and have a pic taken to associate with it in their security system.

Everytime you leave and board the ship after, you will give them your card and they will see if is you on their screen.

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